My Band: FlamingFlamingos

As 18 and 19 year old person I was a singer of the band „FlamingFlamingos“ in Hannover/Germany. We wrote only our own songs! We were four band members: Jonas P. (drums, percussion and bass), Jonas B. (guitars), Daniel B. (bass) and me (vocals, guitars, piano). The style is a mixture of elements: rock/pop, punk, reggae, singersongwriter ballads.

I wrote six songtexts for the band and we were playing together for like 1-2 years. We had only one single gig at „Offenbach’s Keller“ on the 13th of August in 2002, but that was just great as such a young person :-). We also record this gig (MBC Records, produced by Jonas Br.) , the entry price was like 3 Euros and we sold the Live-CD for 5 Euros (I think…) at this evening for family, friends and guests. Our guitarist had not really a feeling for rythm ;-P but it was fun though :-D. Basically the drummer was the only really professional multi-talented person in our band, he gave lessons for the bass and guitarist player. Because he was a pentecostal-evangelical christian (but was married to an atheist 🙂 which made him being pretty cool) he had some problems with one of my songtexts („World’s Against Me“), but oh well, we discussed that. I explained that the song is very important for me, it expresses frustrating experiences that I made in the USA at age of 16/17. So we made an agreement that he tolerates my text and that I am free to write whatever I like, which was pretty cool of him even though it was a bit hard for him :-).

I was thinking about publishing the songs here on my blog: Could this be embarrassing? Haha…. No, I don’t think so at all. For it is pretty anonymous for my ex band members and I’m proud of what we did back then. But I don’t have contact to my band members anymore (if they read this, please contact me :-)). It was not perfect at all, but it was fun and we had a good time. And for me it was a great form of therapy. And before my CD get’s any more scratches and just lays in the corner of my room, I just like to share this own song material with you ;-). So just be not too strict with our young band’s music ;-). So it can kind of last forever and my teenage dream of being a rock and punk rock star (hahaha) can finally come so true ;-P. Finally I can reach even an international audience with my songs, hehehe…

By the way, I can tell you a funny story, I just remembered: One CD is anywhere in someone’s hands in the USA, probably in Texas. I send in 2002 a package to my host brother Rick to texas and the package came back with another CD in it. That was so funny… so somebody just stole/exchange this CD… so I can tell you: We made it even in the USA ;-). I wonder if it is still there or somewhere in the trash.

Well I never found a band afterwards in Bremen. It just never fit. I gave up the singing, playing guitar, piano and lyric writing. Which is kind of sad :‘-(. Maybe someday I start again, why not? I like my voice. Maybe as a singersongwriter someday – that would be fun. I think my voice is more capable for the quiet and melancholic songs, even though I always wanted to do more the Rock ’n‘ Roll and Punkrock music 😉 but my voice is too weak for that, I guess, it is more this sensitive type of voice that fits better to the singersongwriter style…

Have you ever been in a band? Or would you like to have a band? I would love to listen to your music as well, reading your songtext lyrics 🙂 just leave a comment, a link etc.

Keep your dreams and make them true :-). Cheers!




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