Your Limits Are Not Mine (2016).

Twin houses.

Fighting friends close by.

Too Complicated nearby.

Not complicated far away.

Not complicated nearby.

Too complicated far away.

How tricky this is.

But it works out fine.

Ouwiting myself.

Sometimes others.

Excitment and trust can be reached either way.

A year full of joy.

With tears and anger as well.

A lot still to discover.

Good to see.

How I have calmed down.

Where has all the fear gone?

Showing myselves.

Always different.

Than you expect me to be.

Is there really only one self inside of me? 

No. Never has and never will be.

It’s your fiction of the „one true self“.

I don’t and won’t obey that fiction.

I am diverse.

Probably you are too but too ashamed to show.

Obeying the constraint of binary of society.

Being either this or that.

Never both or neither.

Don’t give a shit about how people think and talk about you.

It does not matter.

As long you can be yourselves.

Life is too short to hold yourselves back.

See beyond the surface of an iceberg.

There is a lot of going on backstage.

You will never see and know about.

Because you are too afraid to open your eyes.

Too make it visible for all.

To be able to withstand the full version of diversity.

You whether chose the path to ignore.

To have the illusion of protecting your pride and ideals.

Full respect for that.

But your limits are not mine.


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